It’s been quite a ride for us since we opened the lodge in Dec 2019. COVID hit us just 3 months after starting the business, but luckily we’ve had the support of Kiwis travelling in their own backyard. It’s been a delight hosting lots of kiwis (rather than the 75% International crowd we had before COVID).

We understand this time is unsure for a lot of Kiwis out there. Planning a holiday can feel scary at the moment, mostly because who knows if/when alert level changes. The uncertainly is unsettling, and we totally get that. That is why we have a flexible cancellation policy to help you feel safe making a booking with us.

Our cancellation policy for COVID related ‘cancellations’ is as follows: if you are not able to make your booking as scheduled, we will honour your full deposit paid as credit to re-schedule your booking anytime within 9 months of your original booking date.

This policy has worked for us over the last 18 months, so we will keep it going. Feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns about booking, and we can figure out something that works for you (as a small family-run business, we are happy to make exceptions when we can). We don’t want you to panic if alert levels change overnight.

With all that said, don’t be afraid to push that ‘BOOK NOW’ button! You deserve that holiday.